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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Julien Drolon: French Musician, Filipino by Heart

Who is Julien Drolon? According to his biography, Julien Drolon is a singer, songwriter, and former International reporter who is on a mission for peace, and he is using music to promote a cause that is close to his heart. Drolon music style combines pop, reggae, funk, rock and he performs on stage with his talented Filipino band composed by Enzo Queyquep on the guitar, Joseph Duenas on the bass, Leal Nanca on the keyboard and Joven Palencia on the Drums.

Drolon recently played in Hong Kong and mainland China, at Asian music conference, Music Matters Festival, which was held in Hong Kong May 26-29, 2010. He also performed for the opening of the China Music Industry Park – Shanghai on July, 2010. 

Addressing the issue of why he started his career in the Philippines, he responded, “It’s a place that is blessed with amazing musicians that want to collaborate on the making of my album and Filipinos are music lovers”. For his first album, Drolon is working with producers Jack Rufo and Angee Rozul. Drolon's debut album is due to release in April 2011, followed by a SM Tour in Metro Manila.

I received an email from him politely asking for help in promoting their visit in Dagupan City through a gig at the Music Warehouse Dagupan on Saturday, February 12, 2011. According to him, Dagupan is the first city that we will visit this year for his band's Philippines tour.

To know more about him, I searched for more information through the old reliable Google. I found a Philippine Daily Inquirer feature and a couple of youtube videos (No More Divisions and Peace Through Music). The song and music video No More Divisions was arranged, produced. mixed and directed by Jimmy Antiporda of the defunct 80's and early 90's band Neocolors.

You may add him through his twitter @juliendrolon12 and facebook page http://www.facebook.com/jdrolon.     

Julien Drolon on youtube:

Julien Drolon's Philippine Daily Inquirer feature: 
French musician says he’s really Filipino 
Stars for others
Philippine Daily Inquirer

First Posted 19:18:00 02/08/2011
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THOSE WHO WERE there felt proud of these homegrown indie bands: Tek Templo; Julien Drolon Band; Manskee Music; Swissy; Jaycie and Honey; Flush and the Toilet (plus comic-“mentalist” Kel Fabie). The bands played in the benefit gig “We Love Lucas!” on January 29 at Last Home in Madison Square, Mandaluyong.
Interestingly, one of the musicians was not a Filipino, but a Philippines-loving Frenchman, Julien Drolon. With his all Filipino band—Enzo Queyquep, lead guitar; Joseph Duenas, bass; Leal Nanca, keyboard; Joven Palencia, drums—Drolon joined the fundraiser for 2-year-old Lucas Gallardo, who needs an urgent heart surgery. The Pinoy toddler, Drolon says, “needs our support now, but is going to be fine soon.”
Drolon, a former journalist, first came to the Philippines on a writing assignment in 2007. In 2008, he resigned from his job and came back here in 2009 “to sing and create music,” as he has written in Filipino in his blog, “talambuhay.” He has lived in the country since.
After forming his Pinoy band, he produced the No More Divisions and Peace Through Music videos viewable on www.youtube.com.
Why has he picked the Philippines for a home? “Filipinos are always smiling,” is his simple reply. He has also written a song about the country, “Phils So Good,” and claims he is really Filipino.
The Julien Drolon Band is set to release its first album, “Time For Peace,” in March. Meanwhile, the band performs at Music Warehouse, Dagupan City, on February 12, and at the UP Fair on February 15. Diwa Lagura, Contributor

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