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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rotary and Google

"Rotary's got to grasp new technology, whether it's podcasting,
blogs, mini-CD brochures, whatever. When you deliver our Rotary
message in an electronic format, it also delivers the message
that we're technologically advanced."
— Chris Offer, Membership Development and Retention Committee chair
From: January 2007 issue of Rotary World

This is a repost from the http://rotary.org article written by By Donna Polydoros,Rotary International News -- 31 August 2009:

Rotary has teamed up with Google to make nearly 100 years of The Rotarian available free online. Full-color, searchable scans of all issues of the magazine from 1959 to 2008 are now available through Google Books, with more issues to follow. The site is accessible from http://www.rotary.org/en/MediaAndNews/TheRotarian/Pages/ridefault.aspx

Users can select from a gallery of issues organized by decade or click "Search all issues" to search the entire catalog for a word or phrase. The collaboration is part of an initiative to make Rotary's historical resources more accessible to Rotarians worldwide.

"Google is doing all of the scanning and indexing to make the material searchable -- and at no cost to Rotary," says Stephanie Giordano, archivist for Rotary International.

More than 72,000 pages will be available once Google finishes scanning and uploading all 1,100 issues. The first issue was published in January 1911, when the magazine was called The National Rotarian.

Some issues of interest include December 1979, which reported on Rotary's first polio immunization project; the February 2005 centennial issue; and issues from the 1980s discussing the admission of women into Rotary.

Visit http://tinyurl.com/rihistory to view Historic Moments -- The Rotarian through time.

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Generations

“If we train our youth properly,
we need not have any fear as to the future of the world.”
- 1949-50 R.I. President Percy Hodgson

This is not a title of the second season of the hit T.V. show, Heroes. Heroes is an American science fiction television drama series created by Tim Kring, which premiered on NBC on September 25, 2006. The series is about the stories of apparently ordinary individuals from around the world who mysteriously develop superhuman abilities, and who then seek to use them to prevent the end of the world.

In the Rotary and even in our society, the “New Generations” or the Youth are considered heroes. September is the New Generations Month. It is called the “month of the future” as the youth is our future.

Let's face it: If Rotarians don't succeed in attracting younger members to their clubs, there won't be any clubs to attract members to. At RCDE, we invest in our future- the youth. We do these through various activities and strategies to really confirm that the “future of Rotary is in our hands”.

The club had been infused with new blood- young members (like me, ahem- with emphasis on the word young) who actively participate in Rotary activities and keep the club stronger.

We recently sponsored the 2009 Regional Read-a-Thon Competition in cooperation with the Region I Department of Education last September 16, 2009. Best in Oral Interpretation was won by the Dagupan City Division represented by Melissa Joy C. Liwanag of East Central, Dagupan City. The Best Story Retelling went to Khryzza Vien R. De Guzman of Mangaldan Central School, Pangasinan II Division. The Best Team Readers were Charity Nicole A. Acacio, April Gaye Acoba, and Aira Basilio of F. camaguin Elementary School, Ilocos Norte, Laoag Division. The Over-all winners of the regional contest were: Pangasinan II – 1st Place, Dagupan City – 2nd Place, Laoag City – 3rd Place. The Overall winners by awarded by Sec. TonyPats.

Last Tuesday September 15, the RCDE Basketball team was awarded Champion of the 30 and above Friendship Cup which was held at the St. John Cathedral School Gym. Kudos to all the members who made this championship a reality.

Today, our Rotaract and Interact had their Leadership Workshop Seminar in the afternoon prior to RCDE’s weekly club assembly.

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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Rotary is FUN

Rotary is Fun. For RCDE, that is a fact. We guys do enjoy a lot. Sometimes this could be misconstrued by others as arrogance, conceitedness or just being plain rude. We exude that certain confidence in ourselves- because we do excel and we genuinely have lot of fun.

Just observe the way we do our service projects with aplomb and enthusiasm. Visit our weekly meetings and you will experience the RCDE way of conducting meetings- serious when called for, but 100% fun. We attend District functions and inductions with gusto and always in a big delegation- and we ought to have a pat on our back for that achievement. We bond together through our boisterous and animated fellowship. I could enumerate this and that but the RCDE brand of Fun is best experienced than described.

Rotary is Fun. And it shows in our strong, active, quality and quantity-wise membership.
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