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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

PLDT TelPad - World's 1st Tablet Landline!

I came all the way from Dagupan City to attend PLDT’s product launch on December 13, 2010. I arrived early as traffic was light to moderate along EDSA going to the SMX Convention Center. When I arrived I felt that there was something mysterious and exciting about PLDT’s newest product. Nobody knew what the hoopla was all about until the launch. I was able to talk to Dodie Lucas, PLDT Assistant Vice President for Retail marketing and Media who warmly welcomed me and other guests before the event started. He told me that the details of the product launch were top secret to avoid leakage and to keep it from the competitors. He gave a hint that their product was an innovation. From that moment I knew this was something big.  

Before the PLDT TelPad Launch
And BIG it was! 
PLDT launched what is touted as the World’s First Landline and Tablet in one!

PLDT Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan
PLDT Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan said: “Before the past 82 years, PLDT has been providing connections to millions of Filipinos. And since it’s about time that PLDT takes the initiative to ignite, to inspire and to innovate. Behind that is the conviction that there is a future to our landline business but as well we need to introduce a new product. It is a digital solution to communicate the supposed plain old voice system or the plain old telephone system of past that is radical and revolutionary in the same time and be able to change the way you communicate, be able to change lives - that is a game changer and market shaker as well. It is really a smarter device that Filipinos can now use. In that light, we at PLDT are very proud to bring to the Philippines the world’s first by introducing the PLDT TelPad.”

@SiRVisThe PLDT Telpad is a game changer and market shaker - MVP
The other top honchos of PLDT enthusiastically shared their take on the product:

Napoleon L. Nazareno, President and CEO

“We are reshaping the future of the landline and we are starting to bring it to the market now” - PLDT President and CEO Napoleon L. Nazareno.

“We have reinvented the landline to take on the emerging digital lifestyle and the growing consumer appetite for rich multi-media content” - Dan C. Ibarra, Retail Business Group Head

“We’ve packed the PLDT TelPad with features that will dramatically change how we use landlines” - Eric R. Alberto, Senior Vice President and Head of CSMG

From L-R: Dan C. Ibarra, Retail Business Group Head; Napoleon L. Nazareno, President and CEO; Manuel V. Pangilinan, Chairman and Eric R. Alberto, Senior Vice President and Head of CSMG

The PLDT TelPad is “Landline Reborn.” It has all the services (that PLDT offers) you need in one device.

@SiRVis: PLDT just launched the World's 1st Landline and Tablet in one - the #PLDT #TelPad!
During the event, I tweeted PLDT just launched the World's 1st Landline and Tablet in one - the #PLDT #TelPad!  

Patrick Tang, PLDT Vice President for Retail Voice
Patrick Tang, PLDT Vice President for Retail Voice presented to the launch participants the features of the PLDT TelPad. It has built-in widgets and apps digital games like the highly popular Angry Birds. It can also access PLDT's portals such as PLDT@Home, askPLDT and others powered by PLDT's MyDSL. The PLDT Telpad is portable, a multimedia player, a web browser, equipped with innovative applications and downloadable apps from the Google android app store.

Paolo Lopez, PLDT Assistant Vice President for Retail Data Usage
Paolo Lopez, PLDT Assistant Vice President for Retail Data Usage explained the PLDT TelPad's integration with askPLDT which allows the user to check out latest deals from establishments in what he calls a Virtual village- schools, malls, spas hospital and government institution. This innovation is the personalization of the telephone once again.

I'm sure everyone was so elated with PLDT's new product so I elicited responses from the launch participants. 

Roland Vasquez, from RPV Electrotechnology Philippines
Roland Vasquez, from RPV Electrotechnology Philippines was impressed with the tablet's landline integration. When I was talking to him, he was trying out the landline feature.

Kelly Misa
Kelly Misa, a Filipina model and TV host loves the gaming features (Plants and Zombies is her favorite) of the PLDT TelPad to while her away from her busy schedule.

You can also plug it in a LCD/LED monitor and play online games as demostrated by a PLDT employee. Wow!
I asked Joy, one of the demo assistants on what feature of the PLDT TelPad impressed her. She said it is the portability of the device, utilization of her favorite social networking sites and chatting applications.
@SiRVis: This tweet was sent using a PLDT Telpad
Of course I tried the PLDT TelPad and I was drooling the whole night! I even tweeted using it.
To cap the show, Eurasia and Side A entertained the crowd who stayed until past 12.

Without further ado...
The Star of the Launch, The PLDT TelPad! The PLDT TelPad has a 1GHz Cortex A8 processor, Android 2.2, 2GB internal capacity, SD/USB slots, HDMI, and a 2MP front camera. The service starts at Plan 1849 (1Mbps), Plan 2099 (1.5Mbps), Plan 3095 (2.5Mbps), and Plan 4100 (3.5Mbps). If you already have an existing PLDT myDSL plan, just add P500 on top of your monthly bill to upgrade to get the TelPad. Click here for Application for Reserving a Telpad Unit.
@SiRVisPLDT TelPad - landline reinvented. The world's first tablet landline!
I can't wait to have one!

Video and photos by SiRVis  


  1. Hello there,

    Yes I've seen you at the PLDT event :)
    Hope to see you on other events soon!

  2. I reserved mine 3 days ago. The PLDT Rep was kind enough to give me a courtesy call yesterday to confirm my reservation.

    She mentiones that the unit will be available to those who reserves this month by January 2011.

    They have a Facebook Fanpage:


    I reserved my unit thru their Facebook Fanpage.

    There are also plans & details about it there.

    Hope this helps.


  3. A Tablet with a landline! PLDT TELPAD is now available for reservation. Enjoy unlimited internet that comes with a tablet and a landline. All of them in one awesome package. Visit their website now for more information. The website on this listing is the official website of PLDT TELPAD. Reservations made on other websites will not be honored by PLDT.



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