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Friday, December 31, 2010

Cellphones for Sale, Ayos Dito!

Buying and selling online have been a cumbersome task for newbies and even for the internet- acquainted Filipinos. AyosDito.ph has made the experience easy, simple and free. One can easily post an ad or look for items and services to buy, and avail of. You can find your next car, house, job, computer, cellphone or pet in the site. Isn't that nice?

As a tech addict, my favorite site to visit in AyosDito.ph is the gadgets and cellphones for sale section. The price, pictures and details of the item you want are displayed so you can find the best buy. The items are also categorized by region so you get what you want in the area where you live in. You may even discover that the item you are yearning for is just available a few blocks away. Or you may found out it is your neighbor who is selling them.

I am from Pangasinan that is why when I needed a new mobile phone all I did was to search for cellphones for sale in Ilocos Region in the AyosDito.ph site. Also, I was able to sell my old Nokia phone by posting an Ad at the site. Buying and selling online does not have to be complicated. Everything is easy and simple and right here on your marketplace in the Philippines. The experience I had so far is great and all I can say is: “Ayos Dito!”

Friday, December 24, 2010

Is Santa Claus a Rotarian?

by PDG Chris Offer, D5040
Rotary Club of Vancouver Chinatown

I have long suspected that Santa Claus is a Rotarian. I therefore decided to put my thirty years of police experience to work to discover the truth, after all, I am a trained investigator with a degree in criminology.

Santa needs a Rotary club if he is a Rotarian.  I checked the International Directory and then the RI web site for Where Clubs Meet. Sure enough, I found a possible club. The Rotary Club of North Pole is in District 5010, Alaska, located near Fairbanks. This is a smidgen baffling since everyone knows the real North Pole is in Canada. Santa may prefer to be in the warmer south of Alaska rather than the north. He could also be a member of an E-club but I doubt that as he clearly likes Rotary lunches.

Next Santa would need a classification. There are several possibilities, Toys-Export, Reindeer-Teamster, Counsellor Pre-Adolescent Behaviour, Toys-Manufacturing or Elf Management.  All valid classifications. There is no indication of a Rotary pin on his jacket but it could be concealed under all that fur trim. If Santa is a Rotarian, he plainly is a 100% attender and has never missed a Rotary lunch.

The real evidence is, does he act like a Rotarian? Does he put “Service Above Self?” The answer is unequivocally yes. Santa is dedicated to improving the lives of children. He is committed to bringing happiness to children around the world no matter what race, religion, creed or ethnic group they are from. He distributes tens of thousands of books to children to increase literacy and he gives gifts of toys that stimulate young minds to achieve their full potential. He volunteers as a mentor, spending countless hours at shopping malls listening to children’s secret wishes. Santa without question works to realize the Object of Rotary.

The only conclusion that can be reached is, “Yes, Virginia, Santa Claus is a Rotarian! I just hope he does a make up at my club this year!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010


I'm such a movie critic. I hate mediocre movies. I've shunned away even from blockbuster movies that are empty and purely hyped. Let's admit it. 70% of Filipino movies don't make the cut. The main reason is because of budgetary constraints and most producers want to earn a quick buck. This 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival, I'm giving Filipino movies a chance. One particular film that caught my fancy is Rosario. I've been told that the equipment used for the film's cinematography is one of only three in the world. Making it more interesting is that Rosario is based from a true story by one of the country's richest and most brilliant businessman, Manuel V. Pangilinan.  It is also rated "A" by the Film Ratings Board.
Based on the film's official website: The film tells the saga of Rosario, a young and liberated Filipina in the 1920s who has just arrived from New York, and is spending her vacation in their hacienda.

There, she meets and falls in love with Vicente, an older man who manages the tobacco plantation owned by Rosario's family. When Rosario's father finds out about his daughter's scandalous affair, he sends Rosario to a convent.

She escapes, and elopes with Vicente to Manila where they raise a family. But Rosario's life of married bliss slowly crumbles when Vicente becomes ill with tuberculosis, and she is lured to committing adultery. Temptation and scandal still hound Rosario as she continues to defy the moral restrictions of her time.

Based on a true story and set in one of the most colorful periods in Philippine history, ROSARIO is destined to be a modern masterpiece in Philippine filmmaking. It is a monumental yet intimate portraitof a woman's emancipation and the sometimes painful consequences of following one's desires.

The cast are: 
Jennylyn Mercado (Rosario Herrera- Rosario is a paragon of beauty and grace. She is a sophisticated, intelligent woman who dares to think liberally. The movie recounts her life from the age of 18 to 32. She is fond of reading poetry and is adept at playing the piano. A woman ahead of her time, Rosario is a passionate lady who lives her life according to her heart's desires), 

Yul Servo (Vicente Perez- The 35 year old Vicente is the administrator of Tabacalera Herrera. He exudes a cultured and well-mannered aura. He loves to read poetry. He is practical, responsible, romantic and tender. Vicente is considered a true gentleman of his era), 

Dennis Trillo (Alberto Fernandez- Alberto is an auto mechanic with a lower-class upbringing. Being the typical playboy that he is, he is fond of dating many women. He loves to smoke, drink and drive cars. He is sensual yet down-to-earth; rogue yet attractive)

Sid Lucero (Carding Arenas- The idealistic Carding is kindhearted but a bit naïve. Already at the age of 20, he works as a clerk in a newspaper publication and dreams of becoming a writer)

Isabel Oli (Carmen Santos- Carmen is Rosario's cousin and best friend. The typical provinciana with very simple dreams transforms into an urbanite once she reaches Manila. She is a hopeless romantic and is passionate about her man. She secretly envies Rosario)

Dolphy (Jesus Herrera-Fernandez- At the age of 82, Jesus, the son of Rosario and Alberto narrates the film's story)

Phillip Salvador (Don Enrique Herrera is Rosario's father. Born of Portuguese-Spanish descent, he is the wealthy owner of Tabacalera Herrera, a successful tobacco company in Isabela in the 1920s. Like any traditional father, he is conservative and a bit stern. He loves his daughter but tends to overprotect her)

Eula Valdez (Dona Adela Herrera is Rosario's loving mother. She is a subservient wife to Don Enrique Herrera. Although conservative, she is a bit lenient towards Rosario)

Ricky Davao (Señor Miguel- Miguel is already in his late 50's. He is Carding's uncle. Behind his fatherly figure and kind demeanor is a lustful man who tries to take advantage of Rosario's weakness)

The film's crew are: Alberto Martinez - Director & Executive Producer, Carlo Mendoza - Director of Photography, Elmer L. Gatchalian - Screenplay and Albert Chang - Musical Score.

Like the Official Facebook page of Rosario and follow the tweets of Rosario Herrera

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

SiRVis Tweets during TV5 presscon and Willing Willie in Lingayen

TV5 is rolling out with its regional expansion (Dagupan/Pangasinan) with Willing Willie airing live at Lingayen today as its kick off @wwtv5

TV5 in Dagupan

It all started when I responded to Pinoy Gossip Boy's tweet. He then forwarded my number to Lhot Jiz de Ortega of TV5. 

I met Lhot and Judy Dimayuga-Magdame of TV5 personally during a dinner which they sponsored at Silverio's. The dinner was attended by the local media and bloggers (Rhodora Montemayor Palinar, Allan "Dr. Heart" Sison, Freddie Fajardo and Mortz Ortigoza to name a few)

From L-R: Percival Intalan, Entertainment and Creative Production Head; Raul Dela Cruz; Provincial Operations Head; SiRVis, Bobby Barreiro, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
I attended the TV5 Regional Launch Press conference the next day where I met the top honchos of the TV network. They discussed the TV network's plans for regional expansion specifically for Dagupan City and Pangasinan.

I was tweeting and live blogging during the presscon.  

I also asked Mr. Intalan, Entertainment and Creative Production Head about TV5's upcoming shows and if Aga Muchlach is transferring to TV5.  He replied that program offerings to expect in 2010 are Extreme Makeover Home Edition (a local adaptation of the huge international hit), remakes of TV and movie hits of the past decades ("Bagets", "Iskul Bukol", "Humanap Ka ng Panget", "P.S. I Love You", "Ang Utol kong Hoodlum" and "Babaeng Hampaslupa") and Komiks Novels by Carlo J. Caparas ("Bangis" and "Limang Daliri ng Diyos"). He however would not confirm or deny if Aga Muchlacjh is joining the Happy Network and to become a Kapatid. It would've been a big scoop for me. Abangan na lang daw.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

PLDT TelPad - World's 1st Tablet Landline!

I came all the way from Dagupan City to attend PLDT’s product launch on December 13, 2010. I arrived early as traffic was light to moderate along EDSA going to the SMX Convention Center. When I arrived I felt that there was something mysterious and exciting about PLDT’s newest product. Nobody knew what the hoopla was all about until the launch. I was able to talk to Dodie Lucas, PLDT Assistant Vice President for Retail marketing and Media who warmly welcomed me and other guests before the event started. He told me that the details of the product launch were top secret to avoid leakage and to keep it from the competitors. He gave a hint that their product was an innovation. From that moment I knew this was something big.  

Before the PLDT TelPad Launch
And BIG it was! 
PLDT launched what is touted as the World’s First Landline and Tablet in one!

PLDT Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan
PLDT Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan said: “Before the past 82 years, PLDT has been providing connections to millions of Filipinos. And since it’s about time that PLDT takes the initiative to ignite, to inspire and to innovate. Behind that is the conviction that there is a future to our landline business but as well we need to introduce a new product. It is a digital solution to communicate the supposed plain old voice system or the plain old telephone system of past that is radical and revolutionary in the same time and be able to change the way you communicate, be able to change lives - that is a game changer and market shaker as well. It is really a smarter device that Filipinos can now use. In that light, we at PLDT are very proud to bring to the Philippines the world’s first by introducing the PLDT TelPad.”

@SiRVisThe PLDT Telpad is a game changer and market shaker - MVP
The other top honchos of PLDT enthusiastically shared their take on the product:

Napoleon L. Nazareno, President and CEO

“We are reshaping the future of the landline and we are starting to bring it to the market now” - PLDT President and CEO Napoleon L. Nazareno.

“We have reinvented the landline to take on the emerging digital lifestyle and the growing consumer appetite for rich multi-media content” - Dan C. Ibarra, Retail Business Group Head

“We’ve packed the PLDT TelPad with features that will dramatically change how we use landlines” - Eric R. Alberto, Senior Vice President and Head of CSMG

From L-R: Dan C. Ibarra, Retail Business Group Head; Napoleon L. Nazareno, President and CEO; Manuel V. Pangilinan, Chairman and Eric R. Alberto, Senior Vice President and Head of CSMG

The PLDT TelPad is “Landline Reborn.” It has all the services (that PLDT offers) you need in one device.

@SiRVis: PLDT just launched the World's 1st Landline and Tablet in one - the #PLDT #TelPad!
During the event, I tweeted PLDT just launched the World's 1st Landline and Tablet in one - the #PLDT #TelPad!  

Patrick Tang, PLDT Vice President for Retail Voice
Patrick Tang, PLDT Vice President for Retail Voice presented to the launch participants the features of the PLDT TelPad. It has built-in widgets and apps digital games like the highly popular Angry Birds. It can also access PLDT's portals such as PLDT@Home, askPLDT and others powered by PLDT's MyDSL. The PLDT Telpad is portable, a multimedia player, a web browser, equipped with innovative applications and downloadable apps from the Google android app store.

Paolo Lopez, PLDT Assistant Vice President for Retail Data Usage
Paolo Lopez, PLDT Assistant Vice President for Retail Data Usage explained the PLDT TelPad's integration with askPLDT which allows the user to check out latest deals from establishments in what he calls a Virtual village- schools, malls, spas hospital and government institution. This innovation is the personalization of the telephone once again.

I'm sure everyone was so elated with PLDT's new product so I elicited responses from the launch participants. 

Roland Vasquez, from RPV Electrotechnology Philippines
Roland Vasquez, from RPV Electrotechnology Philippines was impressed with the tablet's landline integration. When I was talking to him, he was trying out the landline feature.

Kelly Misa
Kelly Misa, a Filipina model and TV host loves the gaming features (Plants and Zombies is her favorite) of the PLDT TelPad to while her away from her busy schedule.

You can also plug it in a LCD/LED monitor and play online games as demostrated by a PLDT employee. Wow!
I asked Joy, one of the demo assistants on what feature of the PLDT TelPad impressed her. She said it is the portability of the device, utilization of her favorite social networking sites and chatting applications.
@SiRVis: This tweet was sent using a PLDT Telpad
Of course I tried the PLDT TelPad and I was drooling the whole night! I even tweeted using it.
To cap the show, Eurasia and Side A entertained the crowd who stayed until past 12.

Without further ado...
The Star of the Launch, The PLDT TelPad! The PLDT TelPad has a 1GHz Cortex A8 processor, Android 2.2, 2GB internal capacity, SD/USB slots, HDMI, and a 2MP front camera. The service starts at Plan 1849 (1Mbps), Plan 2099 (1.5Mbps), Plan 3095 (2.5Mbps), and Plan 4100 (3.5Mbps). If you already have an existing PLDT myDSL plan, just add P500 on top of your monthly bill to upgrade to get the TelPad. Click here for Application for Reserving a Telpad Unit.
@SiRVisPLDT TelPad - landline reinvented. The world's first tablet landline!
I can't wait to have one!

Video and photos by SiRVis  

Monday, December 13, 2010


I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas
Is you…

Yes, it’s Christmastime once again! It’s that time of the year when one makes a list of what he/she wants. As Mariah Carey’s song has been LSSing in my tympanic membrane, my Christmas wish this year has been haunting my mind for quite some time. “Baby, all I want for Christmas is you…”

This year, that YOU is a Nokia C7. This sweet baby prides itself of its brilliantly crafted sleek design, integration with social networks, entertaining media apps, and for being green and power efficient. Serendipitous! These are the qualities and features I’ve been looking for in a Smartphone.  

Why do I deserve such gadget heaven? It is because Nokia C7 and I are MFEO. Destined as you may say. As a writer-blogger who is always on-the-go, I can now update my status 24/7 and easily blog in real time with this light, power efficient and multi-functional Smartphone. A Nokia C7 will make my world better. I do not have to carry a heavy laptop all the time. I will no longer worry about not having WiFi signal or for forgetting to bring the USB broadband. Never mind if I left my point and shoot or DSLR camera. So what if I do not have a video camera or a music player with me? With a Nokia C7, I got the whole world in my fingertips!

Who wouldn't drool over the Nokia C7’s 3.5” AMOLED (Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) display and capacitive touch screen? Or its 8 megapixel camera that will allow you to capture the joy of the season - in high-quality photos and HD video! It also has GPS and Web TV. Its Facebook and Twitter unified access is a boon for such social network addicts like me. Plus, my friends’ profiles are in the phone contacts and my event notifications can be viewed in the calendar making me enjoy the social network experience even more. One will be “wowed” by its full web browsing of real web pages and its support of different markup languages like HTML, XHTML MP, WML, CSS (the mobile phone deserves my XOXO’s!).

But do you know what I really love about the Nokia C7? With all the functionality and beauty of the phone, it is also green and energy efficient. It is free of PVC, free of nickel on the product surface, free of brominated and chlorinated compounds and free of antimony trioxide. It has a Power Save mode, ambient light sensor, unplug charger reminder and AMOLED screen which makes it power efficient. Yummy!

Adios to the heavy and cumbersome laptop.

Hello Nokia C7, thanks to Nuffnang.

Do I want a Nokia C7 for Christmas? How does one say yes is in C7 ways? Yes! Oui! Sì! 是的! はい! Да! Oo!

Nokia C7 photos from Nokia.com

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Churping: Earn While You Post or Tweet

Want to earn by tweeting and posting? Yes you can, by Churping. It works like Google Adsense, Nuffnang and other targeted ad programs/ sites (ChurpChurp is actually a younger brother/ sister of Nuffnang). All you need to do is to sign up using your Facebook and/ or Twitter in the ChurpChurp page..
Screenshot of http://ph.churpchurp.com

ChurpChurp is available only in Malaysia and Singapore. It is now available in the Philippines. All you have to do is update your status with the required keyword/s given to get approved. Every approved campaign will earn you money which will be shown on your dashboard. You can cash out after reaching Php2000. You will get your cheque after 30 days from cash out. Here are the FAQs and General Guide.

If you have a lot of followers and friends in Twitter and Facebook, this online money making venture is for you. For info and updates, check out the ChurpChurp Blog. Let's Churp!

Friday, December 3, 2010

How to Add a Background image to your Google Search Page

There are four easy steps to customize and add a background image to your Google search page:

1. Go to http://google.com and sign-in to your Google Account at the top right corner. If you do not have one, create a Google Account. 

2. Click Change background image in the bottom left corner of the page.

3. Choose your background image. It should be wider than they are tall (landscape orientation). Images must be at least 800 x 600 pixels and in one of the following formats: .jpeg, .tif, .tiff, .bmp, .gif, .psd (Photoshop), .png, .tga, and  selected RAW formats.

4. Click upload  and wait a moment before your new Google homepage background appears

Who is Conrado Domingo?

Repost from: Philippine Online Chronicles Buhay Pinoy Channel

There is an old joke on the difference between a parachute and a condom that goes like this: When a parachute gets punctured, the man dies. When a condom gets punctured, the man (or baby) lives. While this may be funny to some people, those who are for natural family planning methods would frown on the attempt to make light  of a serious, nay, a life-and-death issue.
Seriously, because of the RH Bill, the condom has taken centerstage once again. The RH Bill or Reproductive Bill is about a national policy on reproductive health, responsible parenthood and population development. Although the bill is not only about condoms and contraceptives, the section about it and its free distribution is one of the causes of controversy. It has become like a boxing bout of Pro-life versus Pro-choice part V or an unending bad B movie sequel. There are several RH bills filed by their respective proponents:
There is no issue as divisive and as hotly debated at the moment in the Philippines as the RH Bill. It so hogs our attention that we have forgotten the other things that have beset the country, like the bungling of the Quirino grandstand hostage crisis, the Vietnam tactless gaffe, the fine tuned proclamations, the 5M DOT launch for ‘Pilipinas Kay Gaya gaya,’ education budget cut protests and even jueteng! We don’t even fret about a looming Korean war and a probable oil crisis.
The RH Bill issue is the story of Conrado Domingo and his family. Known as Condom to many, he strikes one as sleek, smooth and slippery. He is single and remains childless unless he sheds his skin (or gets punctured) sooner or later. He reeks with fruity fragrances such as strawberry, orange and banana. He loves mint and chocolate and comes in many colors. He is listed as small, medium, large and extra large depending on one’s endowments or givens. He is a stickler for safety and protection. He deactivated his twitter account when someone tweeted him “you suck!” His motto in life is “No Glove, No Love.” His high profile friends include L.A. Laker’s center, Pau Gasol and Risa Honteveros. He is active in the Manila party scene. His friends organizedExcommunication Party at Adarna Food and Culture, Quezon City for him.


He is unpopular to priests unlike his boring distant cousin Abner “Abs” Tain. Recently, he found a new best friend named Pope Benedict because of his work against HIV and AIDS. Bishops Oscar protested that the Church’s highest leader was only misquoted and his words were opportunistically misused. With this development,ProPinoy.net said in a prayer: “Thy condom come, thy pill be done.” Pro and Anti have swapped insults and called each other names: Satan and Damaso (a name Carlos Celdran was jailed for). To the Pro-RH Bill people, he is the savior of the 3P’s; pregnancy, population and poverty. To the Anti-RH Bill people, he and his family are evil, unconstitutional and unnecessary. Conrado Domingo enjoys the company of Filipino Freethinkers, Philippine Commission on Women and the Population Commission. Condom’s Uncle Seks Ed, a teacher by profession is the most controversial family member. This is because he wants to teach grade school children about the birds and the bees and the flowers and a lot more. They are the most talked about family, lately dislodging the Aquinos. People are divided on whom to side on.


Conrado Domingo enjoys popularity similar to the President’s according to latest Pulse Asia survey (False Asia to others). In anyone's stat index, a 69% favorable response is high and a morale booster.  The kinky number prompted @comm_larrazabal to tweet: “Isn't it coincidence that the percentage of people who favor the RH Bill is 69%?” There is no truth to the rumor that the high percentage is a result of Gloria Arroyo’s Anti-RH stand. Former President and now Congressman GMA is a co-author of House Bill 13 or an Act providing for the safety and protection of the unborn child. The principal author is Parañaque Rep. Roilo Golez. Incidentally, the number 13 is considered unlucky.
Of course there are others objections. Filipino sports icon and newbie legislator Manny Pacquiao has verbalized  he is not a fan“Hindi ako pabor sa RH… kasi marami kaming magkakapatid. Sa Bible wala naman sinabing limitahan ang bilang ng anak.” Paul Farol also opined that good education and a job with some upward mobility is a better contraceptive than whatever you can get over the counter or from health clinics.
Conrado Domingo has a lot of allies including House Minority Leader and Albay Rep. Edcel Lagman, one of the main proponents of the RH Bill. His Excellency President Aquino is also known and should be supported for “standing firm against the Catholic hierarchy in his advocacy for responsible parenthood and contraceptive use based on freedom of informed choice,” according to Lagman.
Conrado Domingo is not getting any younger, although some may protest he's ageless.  He pleads for wider acceptance and more influence. It is 2010 already. He’s tried and tested and no longer has to prove anything.  He’s been around even before Ferdinand Marcos’ 1967 PopCom. He feels he is important and believes that a law is needed to make him stronger. He welcomes the Department of Health’ plan dubbed “May Plano Ako” which is designed by the US in line with the country’s goal to achieve the country's Millennium Development Goals or MDGs. The positive thing that the RH Bill has achieved is the increased awareness.
This is the story of Conrado Domingo, RH Bill advocate. Are you with him?  Know before you say “No." Don’t just guess when you say “Yes.”

Photos are screen shots of the tweets of @Anthony_Andres, @comm_larrazabal and @blogwatchdotph.
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