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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Jobs for OJT Students and Fresh Graduates

Have you heard of OJT (On the Job Training) stories where students end up getting stuck working in a boring company unrelated to their field, or end up with a good company, have the work that's right, but end up making coffee for the bosses or stapling documents for them? Classic, right?


Are you a fresh graduate who is looking for his/her first fulltime job? Are you tired of trying different means of job searching and still haven’t found a job? Or maybe you have found a good job but you are deemed inexperienced?


Or are you someone looking for a part-time job that would be both interesting and rewarding? Or are you someone who would like a second job to augment your income?


You are not alone. Year after year, there are a lot of student applicants and fresh graduates like you who either don’t like their job or worse, don’t have a job. The “inexperienced” has indeed become a class of their own, and they need more exposure and opportunities to make use of their knowledge, skills and abilities.


I hope this could help.


I received an email by one of the designers/developers of OJT Careers. OJT Careers is an up-and-coming local online recruitment network especially developed with interns and fresh graduates as the target market. OJT Careers caters to young individuals who are looking for their first full-time jobs, or part-time jobs they could involve themselves in. As there are a lot of student applicants and an increasing number of fresh graduates every year, the inexperienced has become a class of their own, and they need more exposure and opportunities to make use of their skills and knowledge.


I found their site to be very helpful and easy to navigate. I also like the noble idea of helping out job seekers especially the fresh graduates of our country. The job hunting advices are good: from writing your resume, preparing well for a job interview and improving one’s skills. It’s just a new site and with your help it will become bigger and more comprehensive. I urge companies to post job offerings and students to search for the job they like.


But what impressed me most is that this endeavor was spearheaded by students- and for students. They started this off as a small project between 3 friends 3 months ago and it is now a network of 5 schools and over 12 students. They decided to join together and come up with a real resource that would actually benefit students, whether from a private school or a university (after all, the youth is the future of the country!). Kudos to the OJT Careers team!


Even if I do not personally know the developers, I agreed to partner up and support their cause. I know that even in this simple way of writing a blog and linking their site, WE are making a difference in building the Filipino youth community. We’re helping give the students of today’s future a fighting chance. 

Ang galing ng Filipino! Mabuhay tayo!

I also wrote a similar post in my Blackboard.

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