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Friday, December 24, 2010

Is Santa Claus a Rotarian?

by PDG Chris Offer, D5040
Rotary Club of Vancouver Chinatown

I have long suspected that Santa Claus is a Rotarian. I therefore decided to put my thirty years of police experience to work to discover the truth, after all, I am a trained investigator with a degree in criminology.

Santa needs a Rotary club if he is a Rotarian.  I checked the International Directory and then the RI web site for Where Clubs Meet. Sure enough, I found a possible club. The Rotary Club of North Pole is in District 5010, Alaska, located near Fairbanks. This is a smidgen baffling since everyone knows the real North Pole is in Canada. Santa may prefer to be in the warmer south of Alaska rather than the north. He could also be a member of an E-club but I doubt that as he clearly likes Rotary lunches.

Next Santa would need a classification. There are several possibilities, Toys-Export, Reindeer-Teamster, Counsellor Pre-Adolescent Behaviour, Toys-Manufacturing or Elf Management.  All valid classifications. There is no indication of a Rotary pin on his jacket but it could be concealed under all that fur trim. If Santa is a Rotarian, he plainly is a 100% attender and has never missed a Rotary lunch.

The real evidence is, does he act like a Rotarian? Does he put “Service Above Self?” The answer is unequivocally yes. Santa is dedicated to improving the lives of children. He is committed to bringing happiness to children around the world no matter what race, religion, creed or ethnic group they are from. He distributes tens of thousands of books to children to increase literacy and he gives gifts of toys that stimulate young minds to achieve their full potential. He volunteers as a mentor, spending countless hours at shopping malls listening to children’s secret wishes. Santa without question works to realize the Object of Rotary.

The only conclusion that can be reached is, “Yes, Virginia, Santa Claus is a Rotarian! I just hope he does a make up at my club this year!

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