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Monday, December 13, 2010


I just want you for my own
More than you could ever know
Make my wish come true
All I want for Christmas
Is you…

Yes, it’s Christmastime once again! It’s that time of the year when one makes a list of what he/she wants. As Mariah Carey’s song has been LSSing in my tympanic membrane, my Christmas wish this year has been haunting my mind for quite some time. “Baby, all I want for Christmas is you…”

This year, that YOU is a Nokia C7. This sweet baby prides itself of its brilliantly crafted sleek design, integration with social networks, entertaining media apps, and for being green and power efficient. Serendipitous! These are the qualities and features I’ve been looking for in a Smartphone.  

Why do I deserve such gadget heaven? It is because Nokia C7 and I are MFEO. Destined as you may say. As a writer-blogger who is always on-the-go, I can now update my status 24/7 and easily blog in real time with this light, power efficient and multi-functional Smartphone. A Nokia C7 will make my world better. I do not have to carry a heavy laptop all the time. I will no longer worry about not having WiFi signal or for forgetting to bring the USB broadband. Never mind if I left my point and shoot or DSLR camera. So what if I do not have a video camera or a music player with me? With a Nokia C7, I got the whole world in my fingertips!

Who wouldn't drool over the Nokia C7’s 3.5” AMOLED (Active-matrix organic light-emitting diode) display and capacitive touch screen? Or its 8 megapixel camera that will allow you to capture the joy of the season - in high-quality photos and HD video! It also has GPS and Web TV. Its Facebook and Twitter unified access is a boon for such social network addicts like me. Plus, my friends’ profiles are in the phone contacts and my event notifications can be viewed in the calendar making me enjoy the social network experience even more. One will be “wowed” by its full web browsing of real web pages and its support of different markup languages like HTML, XHTML MP, WML, CSS (the mobile phone deserves my XOXO’s!).

But do you know what I really love about the Nokia C7? With all the functionality and beauty of the phone, it is also green and energy efficient. It is free of PVC, free of nickel on the product surface, free of brominated and chlorinated compounds and free of antimony trioxide. It has a Power Save mode, ambient light sensor, unplug charger reminder and AMOLED screen which makes it power efficient. Yummy!

Adios to the heavy and cumbersome laptop.

Hello Nokia C7, thanks to Nuffnang.

Do I want a Nokia C7 for Christmas? How does one say yes is in C7 ways? Yes! Oui! Sì! 是的! はい! Да! Oo!

Nokia C7 photos from Nokia.com


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