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Monday, April 14, 2014

Diglat: "The Bangar Tree and the Dryad"

"The Bangar Tree and the Dryad"

"Why are you sad, Bangar Tree?" Asked, the Diwata. The tree replied, "I am sad because nobody likes me. The birds seem to avoid me because of my odor. Many people want to cut me down because I either stink or stand in their way. I am not beautiful like you!" 

The diwata said, "but you are beautiful! Your fruits are treasured as food and dye for hand woven products. Your skin is made into pretty baskets, your trunk as interior of houses and your shade as children's playground. You are the oldest tree in Pangasinan or possibly in the Philippines. They even named a town in La Union after you."

The tree then unabashedly spread it's branches, grew its leaves, blossomed its flowers and didn't mind how it smelled because she is beautiful, loved and real.

*diglat- a Pangasinan word for fiction

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