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Friday, March 18, 2011

No KIDding, This K is the Answer to KKK

This Kid is kay gwapo!
What is K and why is it the Answer to KKK? K is short for Kambing (Kanding in Pangasinan) or Goat. Yes, it the same ruminant (an animal with four stomachs) that you love as pulutan or ulam. The kambing can be cooked in to a variety of K dishes: Kaldereta, Kappukan, Kaleskes, Kinigtot and Knorr (just to make it start with K) Sinampalukan/ One Set (Goat's head and feet in tamarind broth). It is the answer to KKK - Kagutuman, Kahirapan and Kalusugan.

SiRVis holding a Nubian kid
Days ago, I visited Urbiztondo Goat Farm which is owned by my brother-in-law Camilo Velasco, Jr. and his family. I enjoyed the experience as it was a gastronomical feast (an upgrade's meat was  cooked as kaldereta and pinapaitan) and an educational tour in one. I admire how UGF has turned goat-raising as an answer to poverty, health and nutrition. It has provided work for farm hands, part-time forage gatherers and soon for goat milkers. UGF is now concentrating into Nubian breeding and milk production. 

Kids kidding kids kidded kids with kids
(as described by John De Guzman)
The Nubians are beautiful but I learned that the ideal Nubian is one that is a good milk producer. The Beauty Queen should also be a Dairy Queen! This breed of goats are famous for its milk's high butterfat content. 

These Nubian goats are big! Mature bucks grow as tall as calves and weigh as much as 200 pounds. Imagine how much the upgrades (cross breed of Nubian and local goats) would cost in the market. That's one big yummy Kaldereta!
Nubian Buck: UGF HUGU TLA
Goats practically eat everything green- grass and leaves of shrubs and trees. This was the initial reason why Camilo raised goats; to eradicate the weeds in the around the Mahogany trees he planted in Dalanguiring, Urbiztondo. But when he came across Anglo Nubians, it was love at first sight (quoted). 
Serendipitous Mahogany Trees

Forage for the goats however differ in nutritional value. Mulberry leaves for example have high protein and low fibre content and high digestibility. It is planted in the UGF as source of forage. 
Nubian Kid
Nubian kid
Upgraded Nubian Kids cost P10,000 and Purebred Nubian Kids are worth P25,000.

To learn more, visit the farm or UGF's Multiply and Webs.com site.
Kambing is the Answer to KKK. And I'm not KIDding (pun intended)!

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  1. I'm quite interested,can I have details about raising this kind of breed? My father raised goats for his free time I hope you can give me further info,sir.


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