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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bayaning Di Bongga

This coming March 2010, I will soon be writing at (which I will also be heading) the Bayaning Di Bongga section of  the Pinoy Online ChroniclesBuhay Pinoy channel. 

I, together with other writers will feature people who lived heroic lives. People who are  unhonored and unsung. These are simple people who may be leading exemplary lives and serving as inspiration to many yet unknown and incognito to most of us. We have heroes in all walks of life - men and women with unique achievement. In case you know of a person/s who deserves accolades and acknowledgement for how he/she lived his/her life, email me at sfbrvistro@gmail.com.

There are a lot of unsung heroes around us who are full of noble acts and admirable character- OFWs, teachers, balut vendors, jeepney drivers, writers, volunteers, public servants, church workers, farmers, minimum wage workers, sportsmen, senior citizens, children, survivors, nurses, students, artists, repenters, and others- Filipinos all, heroes all!

Mga Bayaning Di Bongga. It's about time that they are known.  

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