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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Friendship in RCDE

the craving for which brought Rotary into existence
is the thing that will keep Rotary a living,
vital force in the world for all time,
the very foundation of our organization."
- 1919-20 R.I. President Albert S. Adams;
Address to 1920 Rotary Convention,
Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA

Friendship. That is what RCDE is for me. It is the bind that keeps us stronger as a club. It is also the foundation that glues us together. Through thick or thin, through trials and hardships... It is the recurrent theme that probably sets us apart from other clubs.

One of the dearest Rotarian who was more than a friend to all of us was RTN. George “Utol” Castillo, who passed away recently. I could vividly remember how he warmly treated us with candor and intimacy. If you call him sir, he would vehemently disagree and correct you. Just call me “Utol”, he would always say. His presence in the club offered us a friendship amidst the superficiality of this world. What amazes me is how he knows all members regardless of stature or whether if you are new or not. He is the first to offer his gentle handshake whenever he sees you. Utol, you will definitely be missed!

On a less somber note, I would like to congratulate my fellow RCDE Basketball teammates for winning two games in a row in the Inter-commercial Basketball tournament at the St. John School Gym that we have joined in. Teamwork was the spelling factor that led us to success. “Ang RCDE, hindi lang pang-Service, pang-Sports pa!

Kudos also the RCDE members who painstakingly made an effort to trek to and monitor our year-long Supplemental Feeding program in Brgy. Talibaew, Calasiao, Pangasinan last Friday.

Mabuhay ang RCDE!

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