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Tuesday, May 5, 2009


The meaning of the name Luciano is “light”. Perhaps it is but fitting that the father, grandfather, uncle, friend, bowler and doctor we all loved was named as such. For Daddy Lu has always been our “light”.

He, by his mere presence lights up our lives. The way he smiles is infectious. He is soft-hearted and rarely gets angry. If ever he does, this would not last long. You would only notice it by hearing just a slight raise of voice which eventually wanes also as fast. He has been an inspiration for me and I know that he has also inspired a lot of people- not only as a doctor but much more importantly as a person.

He is a man of all things. Words probably could not encompass or describe his stature as a person. He is a man who exudes with brilliance, wit, humor, steadfastness, simplicity, compassion, humility, integrity, sincerity, benevolence, generosity and most especially love. As a doctor, he embodies what a Cardiologist should be. He is not just a doctor of the heart but also a doctor with a big big big heart.

Yes, he is one of the pioneer cardiologists in the province. But then he turned down greener pastures abroad and in Manila just to serve his beloved province, especially the city of Dagupan with either free charge or a literally “discounted discount rate” or in kind- poultry, fruits and the likes. He is kindness personified. Truly a class of his own.

Dr. Luciano Flormata Fernandez or more familiarly Daddy Lu for most of us; is for sure very happy now because we are all here remembering and honoring him on his journey home. Let us be strong and happy. We all know this is what he wants.

To the man who is “the Light of our Lives”: Let us all say, “Thank you Daddy Lu. We love you and we will miss you!”

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